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Electrical Safety within the Work Place

When asked, many workers in commercial buildings are not fully aware of the fundamental basics of staying safe with regards to their buildings electrics.

I think it’s safe to say, that as a company we believe it is our duty to advise our customers on electrical safety within the work place. So take a look at this blog below and find out the facts of staying safe and how to handle your commercial electrics efficiently.

Understanding your Electrics

A common question which is repeatedly asked is “How are we supposed to highlight a hazard if we do not know what we are looking for?”

Knowing what type of electrics you have in the workplace is extremely important. Knowing how an item or appliance works or at least should work can be extremely beneficial.. We would advise you seek help from your Local Electrician in Bedford to support you on understanding more about the electrics within the workplace.

The Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Our Electrical Contractors in Harpenden have come up with a list of typical electrical hazards you may find in your place of work. Hopefully this will make you more aware of the potential dangers and provide you with the knowledge you need in the event of an electrical emergency or fault.

Pulling Plugs out of the Sockets

I think it’s safe to say that we are all guilty of this, when you are in a rush or it may just be the end of the day. You may just want to quickly tidy your station and head out of the office quickly, pulling out the plug from the socket may mean nothing to you at the time. However, it can cause some serious electrical damages. All switches should provide an on/off on the side, by pulling the cord straight out of the socket, you risk damaging or blowing the fuse.

Live Parts Which Are Not Guarded

Believe it or not, but if there is live equipment being used, that is not guarded then this could lead to electrical exposure. This can be extremely dangerous for the staff within the building and will most certainly result in workplace injuries.

Cords Left Across Walk Ways

You must never leave lose cords available along the walk ways or walking areas, this can be very dangerous for any staff/customers walking through the building. Not only can they break the electrical cord itself, they can trip over and cause serious harm to themselves.

Being aware of the safety hazards regarding your electrics is extremely important within the work place.

We hope our article has been helpful, and hopefully it has made it easier for you to understand how you can stay safe, if you have any questions regarding our services feel free to visit get in contact with our team today.

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