“ I and my partner went to In2 Electrical, as we recently moved house and thought it was best to get the electrics checked to be safe. They guys did a great job, didn’t take them long and they were really friendly and helpful! Couldn’t thank them enough.”

Justine Joseph

“ I had a brilliant service from In2 Electrical, not only were they helpful and knowledgeable. They are extremely local to where I live, what more could I ask for? It’s safe to say I will definitely be going back to them again.”

Carly Minefield

“Quality Company who helped with finding the faults with my electrics! They did a smashing job! Knew exactly what to do, and where the problem stemmed from. If you’re looking for a local electrician, then In2 Electrical is definitely the place to go!”

Robert Ocean

“After my mum recommended In2 Electrical to me, I thought I’d give them ago regarding my heating, it had been playing up for ages now! I gave them a call, and straight away they gave me a free consultation which sounded perfect for me. They came over, fixed my heating and now I find no problems at all, thank you so much In2 Electrical.”

Diane Lowey