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Some Of Our Electrical Contractor Services

The IN2 Electrical team are renowned for their excellent services, providing only the highest quality customer care and electrical help, such as installations, repairs and much more. Our electrical contractors in Bedford can help you with a manner of electrical services, whether you are looking to replace appliances or are unsure why your properties electricity is not working efficiently.

Take a look below at some of the services our electricians in Bedford can provide, and feel free to give the team a call to book your services as soon as possible.


House Rewiring

Faulty electrics can cause serious harm and property damage, making it vitally important for you to rewire a house if issues occur. This is most often required for properties over 25 years of age, where the electrics can become worn and tired. House rewiring in Bedford may be required for older properties, remodelling projects, house extensions and much more; this must be complete by a professional, accredited and highly trained electrician to maintain safety.

There are many benefits to rewiring a house, such as it adding value to your property, saving you money on bills and reducing the chance of losing power. By contacting our expert electrical contractor in Bedford, you are guaranteed that your property is in safe hands and the electrical rewiring is complete to the highest standards. The IN2 Electrical team are experts in house rewiring in Bedford and can provide you with a full house service, including light switch wiring.

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Man Fixing Electricals

Emergency Electrician

In the event of an emergency, we understand that you want peace of mind that your property is in safe hands and the issue can be resolved quickly and efficiently. If you are experiencing problems such as flickering lights, burning smells from outlets or sparking, then it is important that you contact our professional electricians in Bedford immediately. By contacting our team, you will be able to access professional help and advice.

Whether you know exactly what the problem is or need help distinguishing the issue, our emergency electrician in Bedford can help you to identify the problem before the situation gets worse. Our team are more than happy to attend your home to help you understand the issue and provide you with the best solution to ensure effective results. If you believe that your electrical systems may be cause for concern, then please do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call.

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Electrical Installations

To make sure that your appliances are installed correctly and safely, our team can help with a range of electrical installations in Bedford. For example, if you wish to create the perfect home cinema, then we can help to install projectors, surround sound and much more. No matter the task at hand, our team are here to help, and can offer electrical installations that provide a long-lasting and high-quality solution.

As well as domestic installations, our team can also help you to install a host of commercial systems. Whether you have a retail store that needs sound systems, an office that needs virtual meeting rooms, and so much more, we are always here to help you design and install your electrical equipment. If you have any questions about our AV equipment installations and other electrical installations, then please feel free to get in contact with our experts.

Kitchen Appliances

Garden Lighting

TV Units

Electrical Storage Heaters

Immersion Heaters

Smoke Alarms

EV Chargers

Smart Home Devices

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Our team are highly regarded for their outstanding services and customer care. We take great pride in offering clients the perfect electrical services that ensures their systems are safe, durable and reliable while also maintaining a friendly and professional relationship. Our clients always feel comfortable asking our team for advice and help, and we will always go that extra mile to meet their requirements.

Highly Experienced

We have over 25 years of experience providing clients with exceptionally high-quality services.

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Quality is always at the forefront of our services, and our electricians in Bedford will always go above and beyond.

Excellent Customer Care

Our team are rated 4.9/5 by our clients for their friendly and welcoming customer care.

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    "So happy with the service I was received by IN2 Electrical, all of the team were really friendly and helpful! I will recommend to all of my friends and family to go to IN2 Electrical, if they ever need a local electrician."

    "A great team and a great company, I couldn't be happier with the service from IN2 Electrical. I needed a fault finding service as I was getting too paranoid about my appliances, they knew exactly what to do and fixed it straight away. "

    "Thank you so much IN2 Electrical, you really helped me with my extension service, I didn't even realise the amount of electrics that goes into it, I will definitely be recommending them to anyone needing an electrician."